Special Pallet

Special Pallet
Special Pallet

Special Wooden Pallets

Being common-use materials for shipment and storage of sectors operating in the commercial field and especially with high tonnage product mobility, wooden pallets can be produced by us as special production. We design and produce wooden pallets according to the usage area and product features, and your needs.

Recyclable, environmentally friendly wooden pallets, thanks to their high carrying capacity, increase efficiency in shipping and storage while reducing product transportation costs.

Especially since the importing and exporting sectors have a variety of products established differently in terms of receiving, shipping, and storage, national and international standard-size pallets are sometimes not sufficient. In these cases, we produce wooden pallets in sizes and features that meet the needs to ease the workload and make transportation efficient.

Advantages of Special Wooden Pallets;

  • High tonnage carrying capacity
  • Product type suitable for import-export sectors
  • Dimensioning according to product specifications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for recycling


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